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Hotel Marine Palace is situated very close to the beach and offers a host of facilities for the most discerning tourist. Multi cuisine restaurant, deluxe AC and Non AC rooms with telephone, CCTV and refrigerator, 24 hour room service travel assistance, car hire, herbal oil massage, doctor on call etc. It is an ideal place for those seeking to chill out on the beach or lazy under the shade of palm trees, dotted around the pool. It has an informal...   Read More >>


Kerala or the Land of Coconuts, as the name denotes, is tucked away in the southwestern tip of the Indian peninsula. This narrow very green strip of fertile land is a tropical paradise. Renowned for its serene beaches, lush vegetation, mesmerizing back-waters, stunning moun-tains, spice perfumed air, and an amiable culture that embraces Hinduism, Christianity, Islam...   Read More >>


Ayurveda the Indian system of medical science is the world’s original original natural healing system being over 5000 years old. It offers time tested and scientific validated programs for Rejuvenation, prevention and cure ficaly of disease.  Ayurveda states that a disease arises when the three dhoshas - Vatha, Pitha & Kabha (three governing principles of physiology and mind) became...  [ Read More >>